at Petrel Cove

It was a balmy autumn evening on Wednesday along the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. A cool southerly change with strong winds and rain was on the way but for the moment everything was still and mild.

rocks + cloud
rocks + cloud

At Petrel Cove people were fishing, surfing, walking their dogs, taking photos or sitting on rocks looking at the southern ocean. I had neglected to bring any medium format film camera’s with me so I had to make do with the little  Sony NEX-7 that I usually carry on the poodle walks. The problem with this camera, apart from the  poor ISO performance ( i.e.. noisy high ISO images),  is that Sony’s  raw files are less versatile than Nikon ones.

The reason is  that  Sony cameras do not provide lossless 14-bit Raw data like Nikon, Canon and most other manufacturers do. Sony instead uses lossy compression resulting in all around-less malleable files than the competition.

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