a spring morning

The stormy weather has gone.

In its place are cool southerly winds, blue skies, calmer seas and lots of bright sunshine. The winter grasses are drying out, grass seeds are attaching themselves to the coats of the poodles as we walk along the cliff top path, and I have itchy eyes and a running nose from my allergies to grass seeds.

Mornings like this are now a memory:

waves, Depp’s Beach

Early morning scenes like this are momentary. They are there one minute gone the next. The light is constantly changing, as are the waves.They are impossible to photograph with a medium or large format camera on a tripod.

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field, sea, sky

I have started to walk along the back country roads looking for photographic subjects whilst  on  the afternoon poodle walks with Kayla and Maleko.  I have become tired of sitting in front of the computer screen working on the texts of The Bowden Archives book and I am looking for a break.

This is an example of my recent scoping,   from  an afternoon last week when we were walking along the road to the old Victor Harbor dump:


After the dump shifted to Goolwa the ‘no through’ road now leads to the Kings Beach Retreats. There is not much traffic during the week so it is a good back road to walk along with the standard poodles.

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restricted walks

The morning and evening poodlewalks have become limited in scope and diversity. Ari is now 15 years old. He has slowed down and he is unsteady on his back legs. He can no longer walk over rocks, and so we are limited to walking along the beach. That limits the walk for the other standard poodle (Kayla the morning and Maleko in the afternoon) and it restricts my photography severely.

One option that I have explored has been to make a return to Petrel Cove:

Petrel Cove
Petrel Cove

Another reason why we havre limited to the beach is the grass seeds among the roadside vegetation of the back country roads or the costal reserves. The grass seeds are drying out and, as they cling to the poodle’s woollen coats and feet, the back country roads are becoming increasingly becoming out of bounds.
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a softer light

I’ve just returned from 12 days travelling to and from Lajamanu in the north Tanami desert. I thoroughly enjoyed walking along the beach in the early morning light with the poodles–Ari and Maleko–on Sunday morning. The light, after the stormy weather, was soft compared to that of the Tanami desert.

coast line
coast line

In the Tanami Desert I only had half an hour in both the morning or evening to take photos before the light became harsh and glarey. There is a longer time here on the southern coast for photography especially in the late spring evenings with their longish twilights.
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After the storms

The recent stormy, winter weather has meant that our poodle walks have been mostly along the back country roads since they offer some protection from the wind. We have only infrequently walked along the coastline because it is usually windswept: battered by the south-westerly winds and intense rain.

The picture below is from one of the rare occasions during July that we ventured onto Rosetta Head. We waited in the Subaru Forester for the squalls to pass through, then we went for our walk around Rosetta Head keeping an eye on the incoming squalls coming from the south.

car park, Petrel Cove
car park, Petrel Cove

Whilst we were waiting in the Subaru for the squalls to pass I took some photos of the landscape through the windscreen of the Forester.
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Winter so far has been wet, very wet, along the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. Most days it has been raining steadily throughout the day. There are moments of no rain in the morning and afternoon, and these are quickly taken advantage of for our poodle walks.

foam,  am
foam, am

We had a couple of such moment on the cliff top walk this morning–moments between the squalls that swept in from the south whilst we were walking along Dep Beach, which is west of Petrel Cove. Although it is often very atmospheric the weather only allows for quick snaps.
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winter light

Winter has come to the coast of South Australia.

The balmy autumn weather has given away to rain, cold winds, and stormy conditions. We now wear rain jackets when we are walking the poodles. The change in the seasons has been quite abrupt and sudden.

The light is much softer now and it is easier to work with in the early morning:

winter light
winter light

The digital photographers are out in force around dusk in, and around, the Petrel Cove area. They look as if they come down to the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula for the day. They work their DSLR’s on tripods and stay on the coastal path along the top of the cliffs. From what I can see as we walk past them, is that they are using their zoom lenses to photograph the breaking waves below them.They don’t venture down the cliffs, or get amongst, and explore, the coastal rocks.
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a touch of autumn

There was a touch of autumn in the air this morning.

It had rained overnight and the clouds were still hanging around the coast at dawn when we started the poodlewalk. I wanted the walk over early because I hoped the clouds would slowly disappear, and I would be able to make a large format photograph of the roadside vegetation landscape at 7.30 am. This had been previously scoped. The gear was in the boot of the car. I just needed the sun to shine at 7.30am.

coastal path, sunrise
coastal path, sunrise

The sun did emerge from the clouds as we were walking along the beach, so I took a snap or two, and we quickly finished the walk. I drove over to the site on the country road, but I found that, by the time we got there, more clouds had come across the land from the sea. The sun that I needed at 7.30 am to highlight the roadside vegetation wasn’t going to happen that morning. It became more and more cloudy. I gave up on the photoshoot.
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grumble, grumble

People have been having lots of fun along the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula on their summer holidays. This part of the coast has remained as Adelaide’s main summer playground. However, we can’t wait for Australia Day to come and go since that means that the summer holiday crowds will start returning to Adelaide for work and school.

Since Xmas, the region has been full off people, cars, boats and the rubbish of takeaway food dumped where it is eaten. The anti-biking crowd have broken glass all over bike paths up to Rosetta Head, the wooden barriers to prevent the cars going onto nature reserves have been smashed, and there is human shit along the base of cliffs bordering the beaches west of Rosetta Head.

This was one morning when I did the cliff-top walk rather than walking the Heysen Trail. It was very humid that morning and it looked like it would rain:

storm, Petrel Cove
storm, Petrel Cove

However, the clouds quickly disappeared and the humidity, intense sun and the stillness meant that it was unpleasantly hot on the beach. The morning walk was cut short and we returned to the house and to air-conditioning.
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