Encounter Studio

Encounter Studio is the  photographic base for the poodlewalk  snapshots  that are taken  around Victor Harbor, South Australia and elsewhere. It has its own blog  where I talk about my photo sessions–the how of the photography as it were. The studio  has its own  Facebook page.

The southern Fleurieu Peninsula in  which the studio is based,  is  rapidly changing, due to seachange, with much of its  architectural  history in danger of being lost.  The towns along the southern coast of the Peninsula — Victor Harbor,  Port Elliot,  Middleton and Goolwa— are high tourist spots,  and form a summer playground for those living in Adelaide.


Coorong, South Australia

Encounter Studio is   photographic  studio, and it  is  a still life and landscape photography one, though it’s brief  also includes photographing coastal seaside architecture, urban photography  and various road trips.

The photos taken on poodlewalks are snapshots  made with  a digital camera (initially a mirrorless  Sony NEX-7,  then a full frame Sony a7 R111 ) with one lens (a Leica M 35mm) using a Novoflex adaptor.  The photos work within the boundaries of   a transitory vernacular photography, which can be interpreted as a form of  folk art— the folk art of photography as it were.

In contrast,  most of the other kinds of photography undertaken by the studio are  film-based,  disciplined and more deliberative. The Fleurieuscapes project,  which is  photographic project to represent the landscape and architecture in and around the southern Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia,  is one example of a more considered approach.

Baum Rd, Waitpinga

The pictures on these other projects are usually made  with medium (Rolleiflex SL66 and 6006) and large format (eg., a Linhof Technika 5×4 and a Cambo 8×10 monorail) cameras in both colour and black and white.

These other projects can be viewed in the galleries on the Thoughtfactory website. 

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