Melbourne’s rooftops

I’ve always found it hard to get under the surface of Melbourne when I’m there photographing. I’m more like a tourist exploring the alleyways, the street art, the beach huts along the Mornington Peninsula, or the shop windows–along with everybody else. I was getting nowhere.

Melbourne is being redeveloped at high speed–as if there is no tomorrow. This time I was more focused—I wanted to explore the old and new architecture before the old 19th century disappeared. It just didn’t happen on the first couple of days because I was on the street when I needed to be up higher.

from Curtin House

However, Andrew Wurster kindly took me on a photowalk on Wednesday afternoon in and around Little Burke Street and Chinatown on Wednesday afternoon. Andrew runs the fascinating Urban Photo Mag group on Flickr, and he has an intimate photographic knowledge of Melbourne’s CBD.

We decided to check out the urban views from the various rooftops of the old carparks before going on to Curtin House to have a drink at the rooftop bar in the late afternoon light.

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  1. It was a great photo walk. I’d been pretty frustrated when I’d walked the city on the previous days, as I was not getting what I was after. It fell into place with your guidance. I’m glad that I was able to give something back in return.

    I found two more car parks in Little Burke Street near King Street on Thursday. The light was bad–it was midday–but they have possibilities.

  2. …the ‘Green Strip’ adds an interesting division between the pre-fab and the organic elements; it also gives a good ‘scale’ to make a call on how big the buildings are, in ones minds-eye…

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