working on the photography book

I’m down at Victor Harbor for several days to do some studio photography, work on the text of my Victor Harbor book and to take some more seascape photos with a large format camera.

rock detail, Victor Harbor

A phototrip is planned to Second Valley on the western side of the Fleurieu Peninsula, with Lariane, a photography friend from Geelong, who is staying with us in Victor Harbor for several days.

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  1. I like this image because I can’t quite come to terms as to whether it’s right way up, or supposto be oriented some other way… somewhat counter intuitive, when you look at it long enough… terrific colours, though…

      1. … I can only resolve this puzzel by accepting in my mind that just maybe the image was taken ‘looking up’; that is, it was an overhang like an ‘eaves’ and the camera was pointing upwards…

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