2 still life images

One  early morning poodlewalk  along the coastal rocks west of Petrel Cove last week  with Kayla was very enjoyable and relaxing.  The light was soft, there was little wind, and the light cloud cover meant that there was  soft early morning light  for an hour or so after sunrise. We were fortunate as  the early mornings of late have been sunny, bright  with blue sky.

These conditions  allowed me to spend a   a bit of time doing some  photography amongst the seaweed, quartz and granite:

Cuttlefish still life

We have been having this part of the coast to ourselves in the last week or so.  The only person I saw was Allan, who we see regularly. He does a  daily walk from his home in Encounter Bay along the Heritage Trail to Kings Beach Rd, then walks back. Our paths often cross. 

We saw him in the distance as I was photographing seaweed and  shells closeup amongst the granite rocks just west of Petrel Cove with an old and limited compact digital camera—the  Olympus XZ-1.

shell + granite

The  sensor on  this  enthusiast’s compact is small–it’s only 10 MP—its little  zoom lens allows me to do a  bit of macro  photography in low light. I do need something better, if I want to continue with this kind of found still life photography in the littoral zone.

As Kayla and I were running  up the  Petrel Cove steps  to the car park  we saw  the sour  female runner in the purple t-shirt  going around the loop road.   So we stopped at the top of the steps and waited for her to  pass us.   Our paths have crossed like this for several years,  and though  she never acknowledges  us, we know from her body language that she  has no time for  people with dogs. So we avoid her.





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