a cool summer

The cool summer weather enticed the photographers to come out before sunrise. They mostly photographed from the shoreline of the sea. It was the drone photographers who went to the top of the Rosetta Headland. They were an unfriendly lot.

After photographing the seascapes from Rosetta Head Maya and I would walk along the coastal path before going along the fence line that separated the scrub on The Bluff Reserve from the agricultural land. The latter is currently being developed into high end tourist accommodation. This landscape is undergoing change with the farmland on the boundary of the Victor Harbor being sold for housing development.

After photographing on the Bluff Maya and I go to Petrel Cove then wander in and out of the Bluff Reserve scrub so that Maya could have her own walk which included hunting for the ever increasing number of rabbits that populate the scrub.

After the brief heat wave in March the weather finally settled into the usual calm autumn with its warm days, cool nights, and light winds. The seasons were back on track. The lack of rain meant that the landscape had become dry and dusty with the trees and plants hanging on for the late autumn rains to arrive. These came at the end of Easter.