afternoon walks

We–Suzanne, Maleko, Kayla and I — did some walks together  between,  and just after,   the Xmas-New Year period. We wanted   to avoid the Xmas crowds gathering around the coastal beaches,  and I had used google maps to  look for possible ways  for us to walk along Hindmarsh River.  Most of them  turned out to be duds. There were just no walking trails. It was mostly all private property.

One of the afternoon walks that we  did early in the new year (2018) was  one  along the  trail of  the Hindmarsh River,  which  ran adjacent to the old McCracken residential development.

Hindmarsh River trail

It had been years since we walked along the upper  section of the Hindmarsh River Walk . On the day we walked the river was  low,  with  little in the way of a flow, and we noticed that  there had been some planting on the old flood plain,  which was now a park with a playground.    The only people that we encountered on the walk were fellow dog walkers. What we found  disappointing was that the trail had not been extended further up the river than it had  been years ago.  It still remained a loop,  with a part of the western side of  the  trail consisting of walking along roads, which was of little use to us.

Another walk that we did  together in the week just after  Xmas  was one along Depledge Rd in Waitpinga:

3 trees, Depledge Rd

This was an early  morning walk. Normally we walk this back country road  in the late afternoon, since it provides   shade from the late afternoon summer sun. The roadside vegetation looked quite different in the early morning light.

From what I can gather the Victor Harbor Council does appear to be  more interested in developing the various coastal walks–eg. the Heritage  Trail or the Encounter Bikeway — at the expense of the ones along the Hindmarsh or Inman Rivers. Presumably,  the  tourists and those  holidaying over Xmas are more interested in exploring the coast than the local  rivers.