an interlude

Suzanne’s return from walking the Heysen Trail freed me up to walk Ari on his in the morning, and then walk with Maleko and Kayla amongst the coastal foreshore on the afternoon poodle walk. I am able to reconnect to what I was doing with the Littoral Zone.

Unfortunately, Suzanne is not at home in Encounter Bay long enough for me to do a road trip to the Mallee to continue to work on the Mallee Routes The week or so that Suzanne is at home before she goes to Cuba and Mexico is a brief interlude.

quartz+granite, Waitpinga

Then Suzanne is away for four weeks.

So I am enjoying the early morning dawn walks with Ari down to the Encounter Bay boat ramp, and then hanging about on the breakwater watching the autumn sun play across the water and the rocks before we walk slowly along the beach.


It will be winter when Suzanne returns. The stillness of autumn will have gone by then, and we will have strong coastal winds from the south west and east.