Chesser St

The Sturt St townhouse is now under contract with settlement a month away,  and so it was okay for the poodles and myself to return to the Adelaide and mess the house up.

Ari and I spent early Sunday morning photographing the city, picking up from where I’d left off on a Sunday morning a fortnight ago.This time around it was with a medium format camera and  tripod  with long exposures as  it was overcast between  6 and 7 am.

Chesser St
Chesser St

As usual there was no one around -apart from  the odd male, rubbish truck  and taxi. The only difference this time were the groups of  bike riders in lyrca associated with The Tour Down Under. 

I really should have  been using a large format camera–ie., the Cambo 5×7 SC monorail— for this architectural work, but that had been left down at Victor Harbor.   I needed to bring the iMac back to  town work on for the next month or so that we are in the city. 

Once we moved out of the townhouse  I won’t be able walk out of the townhouse to photograph in the CBD. It will  be over an hours  drive  from Victor Harbor  to photograph  the city with a large format camera. Si everything will have to be planned.

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