It has taken me a while to ease back into the rhythm of poodlewalks.

For instance, in late November 2023 I walked to Kings Head and beyond in the early morning with Maya, and I made some photos whilst we were wandering around there. I edited them after I’d uploaded them to the iMac, then I forgot about them.

I didn’t post any of them on poodlewalks even though some of the photos were quite okay. They were good enough for me to consider returning to make some site-specific photos with a 5×4 field camera and colour film. Despite the cloudy weather over the Xmas/New Year period I didn’t follow it up. Nothing happened.

What this indicates is that I was just taking photos whilst on the poodlewalks and that the conceptual part of my daily walking that had been emerging just fell away. I wasn’t thinking in terms of a walking art project. I’d lost my way. Hence the hiatus.

A walking art project is what I need to get back to: — to work towards a site-specific project consisting of large format colour film (( 5×4), plus sound recordings of the site’s sounds and a video of the movement of the foam that would be layered over, or supplement, the photos.

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  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for that. It will take me a while–it’s a working towards.

    I need to acquire some sound recording equipment as well as to learn how to use video software. Little steps beyond the few large format photos that I have made so far.

    A project in stages and with different layers.

    1. Buying a microphone that plugs into your iPhone could be a good start… I’ve used that with an iPad to good effect. And then premiere pro is really good video editing tool as part of the Creative Cloud suite. You can get a one month trial of that.

  2. Gary – I’ve had great success with microphones that plug into IOS devices. Lots of options there – and can recommend Premiere Pro from Adobe. Expensive (I signed up for half price on their Black Friday sale last year having had included with my Uni fees for the past couple of yrs – you do get a one moth free trial) but I find it much better than iMovie. Cheers

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