… if only I could remember

We had a 2-3 hour poodlewalk along the coast from Petrel Cove, Victor Harbor, yesterday afternoon. It was overcast and muggy, and I was looking for locations to shoot in black and white using the 8×10 Cambo monorail. I found one.

I also found this one on computer this morning, when I was writing on Landscapes, tourism, the picturesque for the Victor Harbor book.

rock face, near Petrel Cove

Unfortunately, I have no idea where this rockface is on the coastline. I just don’t recognize it. It looks suitable–and just what I want– but because I cannot recall its location I don’t know if it is possible to both get the 8×10 down there and to set it up.

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  1. Gary, it looks very similar to the one on Flickr:

    “…on location: waiting for the light

    Kings Head, Victor Harbor, Fleurieu Peninsula…”

    Except this one is taken closer to the rock formantion

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