returning to the Heysen Trail

This is an alternative version of the branch that I made whilst I was on a walkby on a different day. I’d seen the above image on the computer screen, and I’d decided that it looked okay. It was worthwhile to have a more careful go at photographing the branch.

The image below is the result and it is the version that I prefer for the re-photography with a film camera. It is better balanced composition wise.

branch, Heysen Trail

I now have to wait for a cloudy morning with soft early morning light to do the re-photography with the 5×4 Linhof. I may be waiting for a while as the series of overcast mornings have now gone. Though there have been hints in the early morning of autumn coming (eg., a coolness in the air) we have entered into a week or more of hot, dry weather with temperatures in the mid-30s with clear blue skies from dawn to dusk.

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