stormy days

South Australia was  been battered by a violent  storm from the south west during the last three days– from Thursday to Saturday. We  experienced gale force winds, solid rain, high tides  and  surging seas along  the coast of  the southern Fleurieu Peninsula.

storm,  Dep’s Beach

Our usual morning and evening poodlewalks  were curtailed due to  the water cutting off access to parts of the littoral zone. So I could not photograph the water flows.  It was also  too dangerous to venture around the rocks to Petrel Cove  to do some macro due to  the huge waves.  Though the  foam was everywhere  along the coast it was difficult to access among the granite rocks in the early morning light,  as the water from the surging waves  along the beach prevented access.

granite+foam, Dep’s Beach

I could barely stand up with the force of the wind when I was climbing up the cliffs from the shore  to the path that runs along the top of the  cliffs. By Saturday  afternoon the storm had passed and the evening poodlewalk amongst the coastal rocks was back to normal.  The foam had  gone.

Photography cannot  represent the  experience  of  the wildness of walking  in this kind of  storm.


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