urban renewal

It has been far too hot, bright and sunny to do any photography or extensive poodlewalks in the CBD of Adelaide. We’ve stayed indoors during the day, thankful for the air-conditioning. In the later afternoon we walk in the shade in the Adelaide parklands and try to avoid the afternoon sun as much as possible. High summer in Adelaide is living with rolling heat waves.

This architectural picture of the Catherine Helen Spence Building at the University of South Australia is from an afternoon walk taken before the current heatwave began:

Catherine Helen Spence Building

Adelaide’s modernist commercial architecture is second rate. They look cliched and dull containers for office workers.The best that can be said for them is that they have been build economically.It is only with postmodernism that the building become interesting as buildings. Most of the buildings in the city west campus of the University of South Australia were designed by John Wardle Architects.