water flows

When I have been doing   the evening poodlewalks with Maleko  I’ve sometimes  included sitting  quietly on a rock to  watch the sea water  flowing amongst the coastal granite. Maleko either sits with me,  or  he looks for any golf balls buried amongst the rocks in the littoral zone.

Occasionally,  I    try and make a still photograph of a particular moment of the rapid movement of the  waves surging amongst  the rocks:

flowing sea, Dep’s Beach

The reason that  I don’t  bother to photograph the water, is that it  is usually difficult to make the composition,  and to get the lighting right.  The sea water moves so very quickly through and over the granite rocks–too quickly  for me  to  compose the picture whilst ensuring  that my feet don’t  become wet from a rogue wave.When I do try, it is usually pot luck if an image on the computer screen turns out  to be okay, even when I am trying to construct an abstraction, such as this.  So I often resort to photographing  the flow when the movement of the water has slowed right down–before it starts to ebb:

foamy sea

Nothing is the same as each moment is different from the last. What exists one minute doesn’t exist the next —apart from the granite rocks.  The subject  is very ephemeral,  was each  wave is quite different   in its flow, speed  and shape.

I can see why people turn to video. It is so much easier. Hold the camera steady and the waves flow  in and out of the rocks.