Winter so far has been wet, very wet, along the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. Most days it has been raining steadily throughout the day. There are moments of no rain in the morning and afternoon, and these are quickly taken advantage of for our poodle walks.

foam,  am
foam, am

We had a couple of such moment on the cliff top walk this morning–moments between the squalls that swept in from the south whilst we were walking along Dep Beach, which is west of Petrel Cove. Although it is often very atmospheric the weather only allows for quick snaps.

I am hoping that we will have a couple of days of no rain over the coming weekend before the next storm comes racing in from the south-west So that I can more than take snaps on the run:

Encounter Bay
Encounter Bay

I’m hoping because Suzanne is of walking the Heysen Trail on Saturday. Her walking group will be based at Spalding and then Laura in the mid-North region of South Australia and I’ll be looking after the three standard poodles. So my opportunities for photography will be limited.

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