winter arrives

This photo was made whilst Kayla and I were walking along Esplanade Beach from Kent Reserve to the Granite Island causeway. The mouth of the Inman River was still closed and people were out walking along the beach enjoying the early morning sunshine.

seaweed, Esplanade Beach

I do miss those mornings as I struggle to adapt to walking and photographing in the the winter conditions. I am still in autumn mode chasing the light. Maybe I will find more flotsam lying on the beach once the wet and windy weather moves on. Or I could do some still life closeups, or explore the sand patterns on the beach.

A number of the planned large format photos have been cancelled, due to the late autumn rains causing the winter grasses to emerge. I just wasn’t able to upgrade the Sinar 5×4 in time. I revisited these agricultural locations after I’d upgraded the Sinar–the planned photos required the use of the wide angle lens— but the winter grasses made the agricultural landscape look lush. I wanted the bleak, dry conditions of late autumn.

I am struggling to pick up the winter photography by building on the work from the past winters. It requires a different mindset to that of the early morning macro photography–tripod based photography. One possibility.