pink gum trunk

They are opposed to trees because they spoil the view. Buggar the birds. They are too noisy. They demand locations that give them picturesque views as seen through the large windows of their oversized two story McMansions. The houses are designed so the people inside can be seen from the road. They want to be seen as they are on show.

This particular pink gum was on the other side of the rubbish dump road to the cacti in the previous post. I had several goes at photographing it, none particularly successful. I find the Australian bush hard to photograph—it’s the messiness and lack of form that I struggle with.

This pink gum has a form but it is difficult to access. I have to stand on a dead branch in a ditch amongst a lot of scrubby branches matted with creeper. This would make it very difficult to set up a tripod for a large format camera.