These links to  blogs/websites/writings  are relevant to the place-based photography of poodlewalks. 


David Campany

Helen Ennis, Photography and Australia, Reaktion, London, 2007 

Martyn Jolly

Anne Marsh, Look: Contemporary Australian Photography since 1980, MacMillian, Melbourne, 2010.

Anne Marsh, A Photographic Virus in Contemporary Art

Melissa Miles, Light, Place and Presence in the History of Australian Photography


Mark Darragh 

PC 3020 Sunshine, Melbourne 

David Tatnall

View Camera Australia 


These are links  to hub/websites that conceptually relate to the type of photography made on poodlewalks:

Inside the Outside 

Jeff Malpas

New Landscape Photography  

Places Journal

The Dutkiewicz Archive 

The Photocaptionist: A platform exploring the relationship between photography & fictions, images & words.

The South West Collective

Walking and Art

These are links to  photographers, writers and artists whose work relates to the placed-based photography made on poodlewalks:

Interartive:  Walking Art/ Walking Aesthetics 

Jem Southam

Walk listen create. This is is the home of walking artists. It collects the publications of artists who walk, and provides a place for walking artists to share their websites, thoughts, pieces and events 

Alan Huck,   I walk toward the sun which is always going down, Mack Books, London, 2019