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These are links to  blogs/websites  that are relevant to the place-based photography of poodlewalks: 

Mark Darragh 

PC 3020 Sunshine, Melbourne 

David Tatnall

View Camera Australia 


These are links  to hub/websites that conceptually relate to the photography made on poodlewalks:

Inside the Outside 

Jeff Malpas

New Landscape Photography  

Places Journal

Walking and Art

These are links to  photographers, writers and artists whose work relates to the placed-based photography made on poodlewalks:

Interartive:  Walking Art/ Walking Aesthetics 

Jem Southam

Walk listen create. This is is the home of walking artists. It collects the publications of artists who walk, and provides a place for walking artists to share their websites, thoughts, pieces and events 

Alan Huck,   I walk toward the sun which is always going down, Mack Books, London, 2019