It has been about five months since the last post on poodlewalks. Some explanation for the hiatus is mentioned here on The Littoral Zone. Posting on this website was also on the backburner due to the trip to Japan, which took place shortly after the last post in late September 2023. Roughly editing the photos that I made whilst in Japan pretty much preoccupied me for the rest of that year.

The last photos I made before I left for Japan in mid-October were those in the seascapes series on the early morning walks and in the evening ones in the magic hour.

The archive indicates that even though I was walking with the poodles and making photos in the Nov-Dec period after I’d returned from Japan, I didn’t re-connected to the next step of posting the images on the poodlewalks website.

4 Replies to “Hiatus”

  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for that. It will take me a while–it’s a working towards.

    I need to acquire some sound recording equipment as well as to learn how to use video software. Little steps beyond the few large format photos that I have made so far.

    A project in stages and with different layers.

    1. Buying a microphone that plugs into your iPhone could be a good start… I’ve used that with an iPad to good effect. And then premiere pro is really good video editing tool as part of the Creative Cloud suite. You can get a one month trial of that.

  2. Gary – I’ve had great success with microphones that plug into IOS devices. Lots of options there – and can recommend Premiere Pro from Adobe. Expensive (I signed up for half price on their Black Friday sale last year having had included with my Uni fees for the past couple of yrs – you do get a one moth free trial) but I find it much better than iMovie. Cheers

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