Summer holidays end: fires

Maybe climate warming is starting to challenge established fire management policies and strategies—staying and defending is a genuine option in extreme conditions— as well as the established fire politics.

am, Rosetta Head

I miss the early morning cloud cover as the days are now dawning without a cloud in the sky. It’s blue skies all day–typical summer weather in South Australia with its cut-crystal summer days on the coast.

Thankfully rain swept across the coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula from the north west late on Friday afternoon. It came in as I was out walking the standard poodles along the Heysen Trail near Kings Beach, and it rained throughout the night. That should be enough rain to put out any of the spot fires or embers on Kangaroo Island and in the Adelaide Hills and begin to counter the drying out of the landscape.

seaweed + granite, Waitpinga

Maybe these early summer mega fires have changed Australia as a nation? Sadly, our political leaders and the Murdoch Press say let the Australian bush burn, as they continue to use their denialist campaign to defend the fossil-fuel industry.

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