February heatwave

During these kind of heatwaves we live with the air conditioner on day and night whilst longing for the south westerly wind to appear along the coast. There is no rain with that kind of cool change , but the south westerly wind does start to cool things down.

Australian summers are becoming hotter. This was the warmest summer on record, setting new national temperature records. Worsening drought, locally significant flooding, damaging bushfires, and heatwaves across the nation characterised this summer.

seaweed and sand

There will be no rain until mid-autumn, probably some time in April. The landscape is dry and dusty and it is looking very tired. The scrub is stressed and some plants are just hanging on. Unfortunately, it looks as if it is going to be a warm autumn.

Meanwhile the sand continues to disappear on both Petrel Cove and Deps Beach. These beaches are now more or less rocks. I cannot help wondering if this is one of consequences that might unfold as the climate crisis escalates as I walk in this coastal landscape putting one foot in front of the other.


The rhythm of walking without destination generates a rhythm of thinking and seeing that shows me how to be in the world. Subtly, I am being shaped by the landscapes through which I move. The paths I walk are not just a means of traversing space, they are also ways of feeling, knowing, and thinking.

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