an 8 x 10 poodlewalk

Whilst on the poodlewalk the sun briefly came out from behind the clouds, and I managed to make a couple of snaps before the sun disappeared behind the clouds again.

pink gum branch and grass tree

Whilst on our various poodlewalks through the bushland during autumn I have been trying to see the bush in terms of black and white, though without much success. The possibilities that I have explored (with a digital camera) have looked drab and dull when compared to either the same image in colour or others.

In fact they are very disappointing. Here is an example:

bark + grass tree, Waitpinga

This kind of result discourages me from taking a large format film camera with b+w film into the bushland. Why bother was my initial reaction? Then I realized that this subject matter wasn’t really that suitable and that it was best to not bother with it.

It would be much more fruitful to concentrate on atmospherics or seascapes, or clouds or light as this kind of subject matter was more suitable for black and white photography.