After listening to Craig Mod’s talk I went to his website and signed up to his Ridgeline and Roden newsletters. After exploring his website, I realised that there is a tradition of walking over and above the urban flaneur walks that I have been doing.

Prior to listening to Mod’s talk I didn’t understand that poodlewalks is a part of a walking tradition; a tradition in which the long walk is the normal. An example. Suzanne’s long walks–eg., her walks on the Heysen Trail, Larapinta, Overland, Lavender, etc– were about the walking as walking. In contrast, I just thought about the photography not the walk as the walk.

The core of the art tradition of walking is the literary tradition of travel writing, not the short walks that I do with the standard poodles in the morning and evening. Oh, I need to make the walks more of a meditative walking.

sea, railway, house, Hayborough


Newsletters are now the new normal. Blogging seems quaint and old fashioned in the often toxic world of social media. Blogging is yesterday. Blogs belong to the era of independent, grassroots feel of the internet before the emergence social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This was a decade  circa 2000-2010 in which an independent, creative internet emerged. However, to continue blogging today is to remain underground with a very limited audience and minimal feedback at best. Distribution is the real problem, not creativity.

Olivers Parade + First Avenue, Hayborough, Victor Harbor

For the moment I’m going to keep the short walks, photography and blogging together.


I am still not doing very much with “value adding” the photography I’ve made whilst on the poodlewalks. I’ve realised that locality is fundamental to photography as photography requires an engagement with the world. To make photos you need to be in a place and to interact with it.  I’ve been doing that.

However, the photos that I’ve made whilst on these walks just sit in folders on the hard drive of the iMac computer. I have published some on the blog and website, and I’ve taken the modest step of printing some of the photos from these walks. I have yet to edit these small prints into sequences, let along photobooks. I struggle with the editing as I don’t know what I’m doing. The block is the editing.

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