early morning, Encounter Bay

This morning I set up a Tumblr blog—for the Adelaide book. I wanted to see how Tumblr works and to become familiar with the functionality of this New York based micro-publishing software. With WordPress there isn’t a way to follow unless you plug [the RSS feed] into your Google Reader.

Tumblr is popular because it’s reblogging function allows the image to be circulated amongst a wide audience. It allows a user’s followers to repost a particular entry to their own Tumblr page, and it offers photographers a certain level of feedback on their images because they can track who likes their work and where it is shared.

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  1. This is what is going because it is a big area of land, small hous, and waterfront. It’s a developer’s dream location.It is what needs to be preserved because it is a good example of 1940s functional design.

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