Or photographing the sunrise:

photographer, Encounter Bay

As I am starting to walk with Kayla about 30 minutes before sunrise there are not that many people around at that time of the morning. More people are out and about in the late afternoon especially on the weekend. The carpark at Petrel Cove is often packed.

People cannot travel interstate because of the closed borders with Victoria and NSW. The Queensland/South Australia border is open. The number of Delta Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise in both Sydney and Melbourne in spite of the lockdowns, with the contact tracing in NSW overwhelmed by the number of daily cases of infections.

Granite Island causeway

With more vaccines now available the public health emphasis has shifted to increasing the rate and spread of vaccinations, with the aim to reach the national plan of 70-80 per cent double dose vaccinations of the Australians population as quickly as possible. Then restrictions can be eased and things opened up. It is NSW leading this push and it plans to reopen at 70 per cent double-dose adult vaccination, which is not consistent with the national plan. Unfortunately NSW’s 70 per cent vaccinated target could well mask inequity in low-income communities, amid concerns the poorest citizens won’t reach safe vaccination levels when the whole state does overall. 

Suzanne + poodles

Increasingly, it is the unvaccinated who are now ending up in hospital and in the ICU wards. Though the antivaxxers and the vaccine hesitant currently constitute around 20 per cent of the population, the antivaxxers continue to spread theories about sinister cover-ups, information suppression and conspiracies among medical experts. They claim to be protecting our freedom and talk darkly about authoritarian governments trying to take away our liberty. Their rhetoric is pro-freedom covers over their weaponized misinformation about Covid.