Does this shift to video mean that with the convergence of cameras, in regards to stills and video a still image may now come from a “frame grab” captured by a video camera? I t is becoming increasingly obvious that photography and video are not separate mediums any longer, and the future looks to be one where motion shooters will be shooting motion and in the process creating stills as opposed to still photographers providing the motion content and the stills.

I’m still in the latter camp—a still photographer making the occasional video, but one wanting to make more videos and to step up from using the very convenient iPhone. That means a steep learning curve with respect to the software and a big expensive for the hardware.

So what happens to the videos?

From what I can see from the little research that I have done vblogging –video + text–requires a premium publishing platform. Many publishing platforms –eg., Posthaven— have very severe limits on the size of the video that can be uploaded and so they are not really suitable for v-blogging. Currently, the maximum upload file size for poodlewalks is 64 MB. so I cannot upload this video. To embed this video requires adding some new code to increase the file upload size.

As it is expensive to run a video orientated blog I can see the popularity of Youtube channels for amateur v-bloggers. It’s free.

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