coastal waterfall

Many of the possibilities that I do come across are just not suitable for working with a camera on a tripod. They only work hand held with a digital camera in low light.

An example:

granite formation, Waitpinga

The colour palette and the form of this section of the coastal granite rocks appeals, especially in the low light around sunrise.

However, there were too many uneven rocks in the foreground to be able to use a tripod. I tried for ages one morning, but I just couldn’t get this particular composition. Other angles and compositions that I tried didn’t work as well.

So for the moment, I am back to the waterfall as the only possibility. I returned a few days latter with a medium format camera and tripod to test things out. It was a workable situation but a very tricky one. I was able to set up the tripod as I thought I could, but I was precariously balanced on a slippery edge. I had to be careful when moving around setting things up and taking the photo in case I slipped and tumbled down the waterfall.

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