Adelaide: Cheetham salt field

I’ve been looking for possible pictures to broaden the content of my Adelaide book, which is too focused on the CBD area and I this picture of the Dry Creek area by Katrin Koenning reminded me of the Cheetham salt fields.

I was out at the South Rd/Regency Rd intersection to have the battery on the Rolleiflex 6006 looked at, and after briefly checking out the construction of the elevated South Road superway. I’d decided to give Ari a walk along the Port Wakefield Rd section of the salt fields. I was looking for an location for an early morning shoot.

Cheetham Saltfield, Dry Creek, Adelaide

I was al ready to return with the 5×4 on Wednesday morning but the heavy cloud cover, strong wind, and no sun made it a no go. I haven’t been back since due to strong southly winds and heavy rain.