After the rains

To my surprise the ‘after the rains’ scenario was what actually happened on the walk: the cloud cover broke up, the weather cleared, there was no wind and I didn’t need the rain coat. It was quite mild. So I could have taken the Rolleiflex and tripod and photographed the rock formation on the western edge of Deps Beach in the light the morning brings as I’d intended.

seaweed and granite

Instead I used my digital cameras to play around with seaweed and granite and then some stones and seaweed on the ground before the light became too bright from the sun. The cloud cover had broken up and the sun had risen above Rosetta Head. That was the signal for us to make our way back to the Forester.

stones, quartz, seaweed

On our return walk back to the car park at Petrel Cove we encountered the green car man with his two Blue Heeler cattle dogs, one of whom is friendly and the other aggressive. We waved to Allan who was walking to Kings Beach Rd and said hello to the local man who collects cans and plastic along the trail.

We chatted with Angus who was with his 2 6 month old toy poodles at Petrel Cove. Angus normally body surfs in the morning at Petrel Cove without a wet suit, even through the water of the Southern Ocean must be cold. He often has a couple of friends surfing with him. .

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