at Victor Harbor

Mine are more akin to rough documents of a domestic architectural history that is passing:

Esplanade, Victor Harbor

These two sea side houses along The Esplanade in Victor Harbor look to be suitable for large format shoot.

Watching the livestream was ended by a poodlewalk along the beach at Encounter Bay in the late afternoon. It was still, mild, and overcast with soft light. Although the soil is drying out the roses were still in bloom.

The sea gulls circulated and swooped around us on the beach because Ari had found a wounded gull and had it in his mouth. I had several goees at getting off him. At least it wasn’t a hooded plover, whose nests are in a depression in the sand amidst dry seaweed and located above average high tide levels up into the primary dunes.

Poodlewalks often are anxiety ridden.