Melbourne’s rooftops

Suddenly, I’d stepped beyond being a tourist and I had a way to explore the fabric and textures of the old and new urban architecture. I took some pictures with the Rolleiflex TLR and a number of digital studies for the Linhof 5×4. I had planned to take with me on my next trip to Melbourne with Suzanne latter this year–but I needed a location to work from.

Andrew helped me to find it.

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  1. It was a great photo walk. I’d been pretty frustrated when I’d walked the city on the previous days, as I was not getting what I was after. It fell into place with your guidance. I’m glad that I was able to give something back in return.

    I found two more car parks in Little Burke Street near King Street on Thursday. The light was bad–it was midday–but they have possibilities.

  2. …the ‘Green Strip’ adds an interesting division between the pre-fab and the organic elements; it also gives a good ‘scale’ to make a call on how big the buildings are, in ones minds-eye…

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