moments of calm

Due to the ongoing kitchen renovations and the tradespeople turning up at 8am to start work on the kitchen and the laundry, the morning poodle walks along the cliff top or the back country roads are before dawn. As they are over just on sunrise so there has been little opportunity for photography on the morning walks.

The photos that I have taken on the poodle walks have been on the afternoon walks when the weather has not been stormy:

pink gum trunk
pink gum trunk

The afternoon walks in the odd day with the quieter winter weather have been moments of calm away from living in the chaos of the ongoing kitchen renovations.

We have had no power in the kitchen, and no water in the kitchen or the laundry. The bath is where everything is washed. The dust is everywhere as it has been raining most of this week and all the cutting and sawing has been done inside the house. Most of the installation work is now done and we spent the day cleaning the kitchen of dust. We live in limbo with a concrete floor in the kitchen until the middle of next week whilst we wait for two weeks for the stone bench to be cut and installed. Then the tradies return to hook up the water and electricity. Once the painters paint the kitchen we are all done.