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  1. I like this “OMS !!!” is a nice touch also. Do both buildings each house a service, or does one house a function and the other a service? One is commercial and the other is government?

  2. It’s an old pub–the Provincial Hotel-— with wonderful architectural detailing that is offering convention rooms for hire. It’s run down -in an attractive grungy way—as is the area around the Ballarat railway station.The other building is a signal box that has have been preserved.

    The hotel is very hard to photograph the hotel architecturally with a hand held camera. It really needs an architectural view camera to do it justice. A lot of Ballarat’s buildings were built during the 19th gold rush and are quite stunning in terms of their craftmanship. Hence their heritage value.

    It’s worth visiting the Ballarat International Foto Biennale by the way–next time.

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