summer light

With walking along the rocky foreshore of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula out for an Ari, who is unsteady on his legs, I have shifted to walking on sandy beaches and country roads for his morning walk. He now walks on his own with me in the morning and with Suzanne in the afternoon. Kayla and Maleko walk together with Suzanne in the morning and with me in the afternoon. They are becoming easier to handle together.

This picture of roadside grasses– phalaris— was made on an early morning walk inbetween the trips to New Zealand and Tasmania in mid-February:

Grasses, Waitpinga
Grasses, Waitpinga

It had been grey and the light was flat and drab as we walked along the dusty, country road. Then the sun came out from behind the cloud cover for several minutes.

This is another image of early morning summer light made whilst we were walking along Depp’s Beach, on the morning before I left for Christchurch, New Zealand:

Depp's Beach
Depp’s Beach

Summer has gone. It is autumn now. We have cool mornings with coastal clouds and southerly winds. It is quite grey on the coast.