‘a slight mistake’

A phone call from my pro-lab. There’s been a slight mistake made. We have crossed processed your colour negative film (C-41 process) as slide film (E-6 process). My heart sank. So much time and effort had gone into making those photos. I quickly went down to have a look. The negatives have an image–they’ve been exposed okay and there were no light leaks–but they look very orange.

The picture below was taken on an early morning poodlewalk. A similar one was made with the 5×4.

yellow buoy, American River
yellow buoy, American River

The 5×4 negatives have been given to the pro-lab’s scanning and art department to see if they can be rescued.

Melbourne: near Macaulay Station

The topographic shoot under the South East Freeway on Monday with the 5×4 near the Moonee Ponds Creek was not successful. It took me ages to get to the Macaulay Railway station on the Upfield line from Safety Beach.

I arrived about 11.30 am, set up the camera, took one picture, then the cloud cover disappeared and the midday sun came out. It was too bright for me as was working in dark shadow on the south side of the freeway. So I scoped the picture I wanted to take and packed it in.

near Macaulay Station, Melbourne

As I was leaving to go to the airport on the Skybus the cloud cover returned. Them’s the breaks, I thought.

exploring the King River

I went up to the Mt Lyell open cut mine this morning as part of the ‘Now and Then’ team. I was unable to do much photography along the lines of rephotographing the old photos. The vantage points the early 20th century photographers used have long gone, and I didn’t have a telephoto lens. So I’ve decided to work off site looking over at the mine site from the hills opposite the mine.

Mt Lyell mine

It was a day of sunshine and passing showers. In the afternoon I walked down to the mouth of the King River where it enters Macquarie Harbour. I wanted to start to explore this riverine landscape, which I’d only seen on google earth maps on an iPad.

at the Mt Lyell mine again

The rains eventually eased in Queenstown and I was able to access the top of the open cut Lyell mine early Sunday morning. There were the usual showers and mist but these cleared and I was able to get some 5×4 pictures before the cloud cover disappeared.

Lyell open cut mine

I’ve decided to return to Queenstown in mid-May and take part in the Queenstown library’s re-photography project. It is the only way that I will be able to gain official access to photograph the open cut with the 5×4 Linhof as the mine is closed to the public apart from the 2 hour tour of the disused open cut mine.

on the road

I’m travelling between Safety Beach on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne to Ballarat on Sunday (24th) and Monday (25th) to participate in workshops on photographic book publishing and portfolio reviews.So my photography is limited to what I can take whilst I am on the road.

Southern Cross Railway Station

This was taken Sunday morning at Southern Cross Station whilst I was waiting to catch the train to Ballarat for the workshop by Blurb on DIY photo books. I am thinking of doing one and wanted a bit of help.

The Great Lake

One of the areas that I’d wanted to visit in Tasmania was the barren and often bleak landscape around the western edge of the Great Lake in the Central Highlands region. I’d seen it briefly on a previous trip last year and thought that it looked interesting.

near the Great Lake

The highway, which runs along the western side of the Great Lake, is sparsely populated with groups of fisherman shacks. I could only explore this architecture briefly as a rain storm was sweeping in from the west. There was no chance of using the 5×4.