Suzanne has gone off to walk the Wilderness Trail on Kangaroo Island. She will be away for most of this week with her bush walking group.

While she is away Kayla, Maleko and I will have some fun, playing with light and shadows:

shadows, Rosetta Head

And I’ll try and do some local photography, start planning another Mallee Routes photo trip, read more about photobook making, continue to edit the essays for the Bowden Archives book and start getting the Adelaide Photography 1970-2000 book (with Moon Arrow Press) off the ground.
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Mad March in Adelaide

‘Mad March’ is here tomorrow and that means its Festival time in Adelaide. Fringe, the Adelaide Festival of Arts, the Clipsal 500 and Womadealide. There’s even a state election for political junkies.

Ari and I continue to cruise the CBD in the late afternoon looking for spots with interesting interplay of light and shadow:

Ari, Young St
Ari, Young St

It’s the 1picaday2014 project that has motivated me to get out and walk the city–to get away from the computer and working on images for an exhibition in April.

urban abstract

This picture was taken with a Leica film camera on a poodlewalk in the CBD of Adelaide before Raffi arrived from Melbourne, and we had the week’s break down at Victor Harbor. Ari and I are currently unable to wander the city like we used to used. Raffi is just too small.

wall abstract
wall abstract

Consequently, this week has been one of mostly hanging out in Whitmore Square, or in the protected areas in the Adelaide parklands near Veale Gardens where it is safe for Raffi to be off lead.

Cannon St

After returning to Adelaide from painting the weekender at Victor Harbor Ari and I walked the streets of the CBD around the Central Market Precinct. It was the late afternoon walk and I was looking for some ideas to continue working on the Adelaide book.

Cannon St, abstract

Daylight saving had just started and there is now light in the city until after 7pm. Summer is just around the corner. The urban light has changed and become more hard edged. I stay in the shadows more.

low light photography

I haven’t done night photography up to now. Judging from Flickr nocturnal photography is very popular and I admire the work of those who photograph at night.

last stand

Objects and scenes look very different at night and in the early morning before dawn. What often looks drab and grey during the day in winter frequently comes alive at night. They are much more atmospheric.And more interesting.

urban poetics

This is an example of the poetic option that I was tempted to explore in contrast to the waste series. I mentioned the options in the earlier in a vacuum post. The poetic option is about the image and it has little to do with the literary text’s verbal equivalent of photographic techniques and processes or the use of photography in literature.


Urban poetics is a different kind of photography and one that I have little confidence in. So I don’t do much of it and I have little confidence and no sense of a project. The poetics of urban photography is quite different to the genre of street photography and is often associated with Polaroid photography.

Hong Kong Grocery

As I mentioned in the previous post I rarely work in the street photography tradition. I don’t have the skills and it is difficult to do this kind of photography whilst walking the poodles. On the rare occasions that I do so I generally hang out around Chinatown.

Gouger Street

Chinatown is very small in Adelaide, but it has been given a new lease of life with the flow of international students into Adelaide. Suddenly, this area has come alive with people going about their daily business.


This picture was taken whilst we were mucking around the Optus Building on the corner of King William Street and South Terrace on one of those very hot summer days in Adelaide. You know the ones when the temperature is above 40 degrees C.

We were on our way back home to the inner city townhouse in Sturt Street after walking in the parklands. We were hot, and we hanging about in the alleyway’s shadows trying to cool our bodies down.


As with the earlier posts I used a digital point and shoot camera (Sony DSC R1). Digital is so much easier and more convenient to use compared to film based photography. Though digital photography has supplanted film, the same way wet collodion isn’t about anymore, film has become a niche style of photography.

This photographic moment was about exploring photography, exploring the way we communicate, not about creating pretty pictures (eg., National Geographic type photographs) that people will say, “Oh that’s nice”.