Suzanne has gone off to walk the Wilderness Trail on Kangaroo Island. She will be away for most of this week with her bush walking group.

While she is away Kayla, Maleko and I will have some fun, playing with light and shadows:

shadows, Rosetta Head

And I’ll try and do some local photography, start planning another Mallee Routes photo trip, read more about photobook making, continue to edit the essays for the Bowden Archives book and start getting the Adelaide Photography 1970-2000 book (with Moon Arrow Press) off the ground.

This local, coastal photography is not the photography of majestic landscapes in dramatic light. It is about the impermanence of modest things, in a world in flux. This humble foam, for instance, is there one morning and gone by the afternoon. The waves change the shape of the foam even as I stand on the rocks looking at it camera in hand ready to photograph:

foam, Petrel Cove

The late afternoon light on the foam is there one minute, gone the next, as the clouds cover the last rays of the sun.

It is all very transient–fleeting moments of the ordinary as it were. The basic reality on the southern coast is one of constant change, flux, (or to use a Buddhist expression, impermanence). This is quite different to a photography of sublime landscapes in dramatic light.