With Suzanne is away enjoying her walks and the wild flowers in the south west of Kangaroo Island I am taking the opportunity of walking Kayla and Maleko in both the morning and evening to start to return to some of old haunts along the coast that I haven’t visited for a couple of years. Have things changed along the coast? Do I see the rocks and sea differently now?

Yesterday we walked along the coastal cliff top path to Kings Beach. Instead of going along the beach and around to Kings Head, or over to the base of the Newland Cliffs, we made our way back along the coastal rocks in the direction of Rosetta Head.

lichen near Kings Beach

It is not possible to walk all the way along the coastal rocks from Kings Beach to Rosetta Head, even when the weather is fine and the tide is low.

Cliffs block the way even at low tide. So you have to climb up to the path that runs along the clifftop, walk along the path for a while, then drop down to the coastal rocks again. In the past I have clambered up the waterfall near the cliffs, but yesterday it was still flowing and the rocks were too slippery to grip and climb up.

cliffs + sea

I photographed the rocks around the base of these cliffs a number of years ago. Little has changed. However, there was more graffiti on the rocks.