a spring morning

The stormy weather has gone.

In its place are cool southerly winds, blue skies, calmer seas and lots of bright sunshine. The winter grasses are drying out, grass seeds are attaching themselves to the coats of the poodles as we walk along the cliff top path, and I have itchy eyes and a running nose from my allergies to grass seeds.

Mornings like this are now a memory:

waves, Depp’s Beach

Early morning scenes like this are momentary. They are there one minute gone the next. The light is constantly changing, as are the waves.They are impossible to photograph with a medium or large format camera on a tripod.

However, seascapes like these in low morning light are possible as I can stand on the cliffs looking out across the southern ocean:

seascape, Petrel Cove

I did want to experiment handheld with a medium format camera. However, the scene didn’t last long. I would not have have to have returned   to the car at the Petrel Cove car park to get the tripod etc, and set it up.  Before I could do so  the light changed, the clouds disappeared,  and the scene became bland.