them’s the lucky breaks

I did notice though that the early spring weather has been quite windy, wet and cool. The poodles and I have often been caught in the rain whilst we have been out walking.

Baum Rd, Waitpinga

I reckon that I will be plugging way on the 4 texts for the Bowden Archives until Xmas. It will be long days of reworking, editing, re-editing etc to achieve some sort of coherence.

Looking at the work that has gone into this project this year I realize that I could never have pulled the MA off thein the 1980s. It was beyond my capabilities at the time. Nor were the resources to do it in the university at the time — in the way of both staff and books.

I did rejoin the Flinders University library as an alumni (and the Library of the Uni of South Australia as a community member) when I started to work on the abandoned MA in 2020, in order to gain access to books and journals for my research. I quickly discovered that the Flinders Uni library hadn’t added any books to the aesthetics/photography section from the time of my PhD in the 1990s, whilst the Uni of SA library had little in the way of aesthetics or academics writing about photography. Neither library allowed me to have access to their inter-library loans facility, as this was only available for staff and students.

light, Waitpinga

I quickly discovered that I was much better off with the academic material that could be found on the internet. Thank goodness for open access. This has provided me with enough research material to enable me to continue to work on this project.

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