about the moment

I’m starting to slowly realize that the snapshot style photography that I do whilst I am on the poodle walks is about the moment. They are photos of fleeting moments that cannot be rephotographed:

Kayla, Halls Creek Rd

They are also about nothing much. Just everyday scenes that I am walking through, or walking past and that I wouldn’t pay much attention to, if I didn’t have a camera and we weren’t hanging about. It is through the ‘hanging about’ that I start to see the little things around me that I wouldn’t normally notice.

So it is a different kind of aesthetic to my project based work, which is far more conceptual and studied.

So where do I go to find an aesthetic sensibility about the humble things that are nothing much? Would it be something along the lines of Wabi-Sabi, with its emphasis on transience and imperfection? It does look like it.

branch, Heysen Trail

There is an aesthetic in those two interlinked concepts of Wabi and Sabi –an aesthetic based around impermanence, humility, asymmetry, and imperfection.

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  1. Yes it is growing on me. It doesn’t work with the late afternoon sun on it. I am considering reshootiing it with the 5×4.

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