a helping hand

I am fortunate that Madeline, our temporary next door neighbour at Encounter Bay, has kindly offered to walk Ari on the late afternoon poodlewalk several times a week. That frees me up to venture along the coastal rocks on the late afternoon poodlewalks with Kayla and Maleko. I have even been able to use the opportunity to make a couple of photos of the coastal rocks with my Rolleiflex SL66 film camera.

machinery, Encounter Bay

This does make for a welcome change from the routine of walking along the back country roads on the morning walk and the Heysen Trail for the afternoon walk. That routine grinds me down.

However, this rigid routine has forced me to think about the Fleurieuscapes book. The routine forces me to concentrate on working on the project, rather than just taking scoping snaps with a digital camera.

quartz, granite, rockpool

Remarkably, though winter is here the weather has stayed fine. It is much colder in the evenings and the early morning, but there is little wind and it is sunny during the day. There has been very little rain whilst Suzanne has been in Cuba and Mexico.