daily routines + photography

Suzanne has left Cuba and is now staying in Oaxaca in Mexico for 12 days or so before she and Lariane return to Australia.

In the meantime the household chugs along with its daily routines in the balmy autumn weather, with its still, sunny days.We are usually up before sunrise walking along the back country roads:

dawn, Baum Rd, Waitpinga

With the walk over I have time to take some photos with the Linhof film cameras as the sun starts peeping through the trees and lightens up bits of the roadside vegetation. The images have been scoped on earlier walks and the time when the sun lightens up the trees duly noted. So it is just a matter of setting things up and waiting.

Similarly on the afternoon walks. We go a bit earlier and that allows me time to set up the camera and tripod etc after the walk. The poodles are happy to sit around and wait for me to photograph, as they have had their walk. Everyone is happy.

Kayla, Halls Creek Rd, Waitpinga

In this way I have managed to incorporate some tripod based photography into the routines of the daily poodlewalks and so work on creating the images for the Fleurieuscapes book. This book is slow work but at least it is happening.