Adelaide's City South precinct

The last 5 years have seen urban renewal in the City South Precinct. We have lived here for around 15 years and I’ve noticed the changes. When we bought ingot he precinct the only housing options available for us were old row cottages or new town houses. Now it is medium story 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. More people are now living in the area. Along with the people come the gyms, food markets, small bars, health services and app developers etc.

VUE site+carpark

The City South Precinct was one in need of urban renewal. When we moved in it was ugly, empty of people and full of run down, decaying buildings. It was a bleak wasteland from the old industrial Adelaide. The precinct is being revitalised by both people and the services industry and you can now live, relax and work in the precinct.

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  1. Faisal–it appears that the apartment boom in Melbourne is getting out of hand. The flood of apartment developments, driven by overseas investors, has gone too far and that the state government is hoping for a residential apartment boom to keep the state’s economy going.

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