After Easter

The Easter crowds from Adelaide have come and gone from the southern coast of Fleurieu Peninsula.

It is now possible to return to walking the foreshore and exploring the beaches instead of walking back country roads to avoid the holiday crowd making the most of their playtime. There seems to be a lot more people playing along the southern Fleurieu Peninsula coast than there used to be. A lot more cars are cruising around exploring the coast.

quartz, Deps Beach
quartz, Deps Beach

Summer is over and we are now in autumn. The light has shifted, daylight saving finishes this weekend, and the photographs that I had scoped and lined up are no longer possibly because the early morning sun has shifted much further to the west.

This part of the coast is undergoing a transformation due to a major and steady growth in summer tourism that is exemplified by the sprawl of housing along the coast that spreads out from the old settlement, the farm land increasingly sold to developers and the emergence of shopping malls with parking spaces in front.Sprawl not as a case apart, distinct from the old towns, villages or landscape, not as the ugly part of the coast but in fact as a product of the folding of the one into the other.