at Kuitpo Forest

I came down with a severe cold at the end of the July Mallee roadtrip. It has knocked me around, and this ill health coupled with the wet stormy weather, has meant minimal poodle walking and limited local photography. Suzanne has been doing most of the bigger walks with Kayla and Maleko during the wet cold weather whilst I walk Ari on short walks down to the Encounter Bay foreshore.

This picture was made whilst I was walking the poodles in Kuitpo Forest on the way back from the Mt Barker grooming parlour. This was a few days before I left to make photos for the Mallee Routes project:

Kuitpo Forest

It was school holidays in South Australia and there were a lot of people camping in Kuitpo Forest.It would be a different story now with the wild, wet winter weather that we have been experiencing this last week. The mornings start off fine and sunny on the coast, then the storm rolls in around breakfast time and the temperature plunges.


I took Kayla and Maleko on the afternoon walk along Baum Rd in Waitpinga this afternoon. I wanted to reconnect with the locations/scenes that I had scoped just before i went on the Hopetoun Mallee photoshoot. Unfortunately, the storm has destroyed most of what I had previously scoped:

roadside bush, Baum Rd,

I should have rephotographed this roadside bush with my Rolleiflex film camera before going on the road trip, but I was too busy with other subject matter.

This was the first time I’ve done the afternoon walk since I have been sick. The rain had stopped and held off, but the northerly wind was gale force and it was bitterly cold. Although I was well wrapped up I still got quite chilled. The rain returned just after we’d returned to the house.