between the rains

Recently we had a couple of fine days between the winter rains and the stormy conditions. I’d recovered enough from the flu to be able to take advantage of the fine weather to go exploring with Kayla and Maleko along the coastal rocks between Petrel Cove and Kings Head on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. This was on the late afternoon walk and I was well enough to take my digital camera to take some snaps and even to do a few scoping studies.

One such snap:

Kayla + Maleko

This abstract is an example of what I was scoping for my film cameras when I had more strength.

By and large I was content to poke around the rocks, enjoying the sun and teaching myself to see things that I had missed on my earlier walks in this location before I came down with the flu.

granite+quartz abstract

Most of my time on the afternoon walks during the few days of fine weather was spent walking slowly around the coastal rocks enjoying the winter sun. I was content to do so without worrying about pushing the boundaries of the low key Littoral Zone project. I was just happy to be back on my feet and smelling the salt in the air.

It had taken me three weeks to recover from the flu.

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