back home

I am  now back home after a hectic period of travelling  during March.  There were  a couple of trips to Wellington to photograph around Wellington quickly followed by one  to attend Photobook/NZ.  After that   I made   a couple of trips  to Swan Hill in Victoria for the  Mallee Routes 2018 exhibition. 

We are  now easing  back  into  our daily routines and poodlewalks at Encounter Bay.  The Easter holidays  are a few days away. That means huge crowds in  the coastal towns and along the coastal walks.

seaweed strand, Petrel Cove

It is autumn in South Australia.   The light has softened,  there is  now  more in the way of morning cloud cover,  the winds have eased,  and the temperatures are  mild  (in the mid 20’s C) . It is still very dry, as there has been no rain. 

Autumn means that it  is now time to move beyond scoping with the digital camera  whilst  on  the morning poodlewalk with Kayla amongst  the coastal rocks, and to start to use  the film cameras and  tripods to photograph the specific locations.

rocky outcrop, Waitpinga

However,  it is not just a case of  re-discovering  the selected locations  in the intertidal zone for the large format photography photo sessions.   I also need to understand  how the selected locations are affected by  both  the autumn light,  the high and low tides and how quickly dusk falls.

Some of the locations that I had previously scoped I will not be able to find;  or  if I do then they will not be suitable  to photograph working with a camera on a tripod:

quartz abstract study

Some of the selected locations  are almost at ground level, and often there is not have sufficient space amongst the granite to   be able to set up a tripod. Then it is hand held work–usually with a Rolleiflex  medium format camera.